About Us

ShermanVision has been serving small business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate clients since 1995.

We provide a wide range of services centered around your small business marketing and online needs.

Who is Paul Sherman?

Defying those that considered the Internet a “fad,” and succeeding the dot-com bubble, Paul has been designing and building websites professionally since 1995.

Paul launched his career selling web services door-to-door to small businesses. His first big assignment was with a large advertising firm where he led the visual design of websites for corporate giants such as Mobil Oil, Washington Redskins and DeWalt Tools. In 2001 he was brought on with Nextel Communications to lead the implementation of their new corporate website design. In 2003 he was hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs to support the user-interface development of a $50M online health service. Before becoming self-employed, he was on assignment for six years with the Department of Defense as the lead designer for the department website. Now, Paul primarily supports graphic designers, small marketing agencies and small business just like your own.

While maintaining his career, Paul graduated summa cum laude, earning a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in digital art and animation. In his spare time, he likes tinkering with electronics, creating digital art and building scale models.

Surfing the webverse

What makes us different?

ShermanVision applied for a business license in January of 1995. Mind you, we didn’t become an overnight sensation. It actually took about 20 years to gain the confidence and client-base to go full-time. During that time, however, we gained tremendous experience as a contract employee in a wide variety of environments, working with many different clients. We are now doing custom web design in Richmond, Virginia with clients all over the galaxy.

The founder of ShermanVision had the opportunity to work for many types of businesses as well as a variety of clients. Paul was employed by and contracted with federal agencies for many years. He developed sites for associations and marketing agencies. Now, his focus is bringing all that experience to small business owners just like you.

Paul has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in digital art and animation. In his spare time he likes to do 3D animation. The web is a very technical environment and demands technical skill as much as creative. Before WordPress and other now freely available tools, Paul was up late nights creating his own content management systems – from raw code. One of them is still in use today!

ShermanVision is not a big corporation. We’re barely a boutique. Actually it’s just one person – who can spend lots of time making sure your requirements are met.

Awards & Recognition

  • Paul received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from George Mason University in 2007, graduating summa cum laude.

    xBachelor of Fine Arts

    May 15, 2007

  • Paul received this commendation in 2009 from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for his work on the Wounded Warrior website.

    xCommendation from the Office of the Secretary of Defense

    January 15, 2009

  • Paul received this commendation for his work on the Joint Chiefs of Staff website.

    xCommendation from the Office of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    July 24, 2011

  • Paul received this commendation as a contractor of the Department of Defense for work on the Feds Feed Families campaign in 2011.

    xCommendation from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

    November 23, 2011


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