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Defying those that considered the Internet a “fad,” and succeeding the dot-com bubble, Paul has been designing and building websites professionally since 1995. Paul launched his career selling Web services door-to-door to small businesses. His first big break was with a large advertising firm where he led the visual design of websites for corporate giants such as Mobil Oil, Washington Redskins and DeWalt Tools. In 2001 he was brought on with Nextel Communications to lead the implementation of their new corporate website. In 2003 he was hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs to support the user-interface development of a $50M online health service. While maintaining his career, Paul graduated summa cum laude, earining a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in digital art and animation. Before becoming self-employed, he was on assignment for six years with the Department of Defense, where he was the lead designer for the department website.

Smitherwood Insurance


Smitherwood Insurance 2020 Auspices: ShermanVision Involvement Site design; WordPress configuration; theme customization Highlights A consummate do-it-yourselfer, Oliver Smith decided he wanted a truly professional look for his website. That's when he reached out to ShermanVision for help. We designed and produced this site in a little over a week. It features the latest Wordpress theme [...]

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WordPress Recent Posts Widget


If you're like me, you have many categories of posts, and you use, or want to use, a recent posts widget to provide a menu of recent posts of only a particular category. Sometimes in concert with  with Content Aware Sidebars, you want to display a simple menu of posts on a page with a singular topic. [...]

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William Koenig – News Commentator


CASE STUDY William Koenig – News Comentator White House correspondent, William Koenig, needed a modern solution for his news service and subscription- based commentary. Migrating thousands of users from a 16-year legacy system, ShermanVision built this new site with secure and seamless e-commerce, complex news list management, time-limited access, email campaign integration and much [...]

William Koenig – News Commentator2020-05-13T08:43:46-05:00

Chris Whytal – Graphic Designer


CASE STUDY Chris Whytal - Graphic Designer Chris Whytal and ShermanVision have a symbiotic relationship: he designs and we implement. A friend and fellow Web designer, we partner with Chris for technical consulting, developing jQuery animation, interactivity, site templates and CMS implementation – on dozens of projects. Chris is always a pleasure to work [...]

Chris Whytal – Graphic Designer2020-05-13T08:42:29-05:00

Mark Judson – Entrepreneur


CASE STUDY Mark Judson – Entrepreneur Another enduring relationship of ours is with entrepreneur Mark Judson. Mark continually relies on us to produce appealing and professional designs for his branding and Web- based products. Taking a vested interest in how our customers look to their customers is of the utmost importance to us. As usual, [...]

Mark Judson – Entrepreneur2020-05-13T08:40:09-05:00



CASE STUDY Circle.com One of Paul’s first big assignments was with Circle.com, a corporate web design firm. Brought on early in his career, he quickly proved to be a skilled and creative asset to the team. He led the creative department in design and coding standards. Introduced Flash and JavaScript/ DHTML functionality. He presented [...]


Cindi Lewis – Artist


CASE STUDY Cindi Lewis - Artist Even on the tightest budget, ShermanVision never reserves quality. Cindi needed a place online to display her artwork that would transparently reflect her own creative style. Even though e-commerce wasn’t in the contract, she sold a painting from the site within a week after launch. ShermanVision recently overhauled [...]

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Julie Lele – Entrepreneur


CASE STUDY Julie Lele - Entrepreneur Julie has been a client of ShermanVision since 2001 - first as a supervisor in a contract role, and then as a direct client of four unique startups. Most significantly, she consulted ShermanVision to provide support and implementation of a full featured e-commerce website. Built on a trusted open-source [...]

Julie Lele – Entrepreneur2020-05-13T08:45:46-05:00

Brief Instructions on Managing your Posts and Pages in WordPress


WordPress is the website framework that allows you to manage content on your site. WordPress has many built-in functions that make it easy to organize and publish content. WordPress is called a “content management system” (CMS). To add and edit content, you will use the WordPress administration area. It is like the back-office of your website. In [...]

Brief Instructions on Managing your Posts and Pages in WordPress2020-02-21T11:56:55-05:00

Thinking of building your own DIY website?


Do-it-yourself web builders look great at first glance, but there are several issues you should consider: Your options for customization and extensibility are very limited. Dozens or hundreds of businesses just like yours will be using the same design template. You have to use their proprietary add-ons (i.e. search engine optimization, blogging capabilities, etc.). The best add-ons [...]

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