WordPress is the website framework that allows you to manage content on your site. WordPress has many built-in functions that make it easy to organize and publish content. WordPress is called a “content management system” (CMS). To add and edit content, you will use the WordPress administration area. It is like the back-office of your website.

In WordPress there are essentially two types of content:

  • Pages – Pages are articles of content that stand alone, like a bio page. They are managed similarly to Posts below.
  • Posts – Posts are discrete pieces of content, like an article, but are handled differently by WordPress. Posts can be displayed as an index, a menu, an excerpt, or a full article. Posts can be sorted by date and grouped by category. This is all done by the WordPress framework.

Loging in to WordPress

You can log in to your WordPress admin area by going to: http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin

Use your supplied username and password and you will be taken to the Dashboard. There is a menu in the left column where you manage Posts and Pages. There is also a menu bar across the top of the page. To go to the main site (front-end), you can click the site title at the top left of this bar. To return to the admin area, click the same title in the top bar.

Adding and editing Posts

The Posts item in the left menu has a submenu that pops out. To view all articles, click the All Posts menu item. On this page you will see all the articles you can edit. There is a button at the top to add a new article. If you hover your mouse over an article, a text menu appears and one of the options is Edit. You can delete an article by clicking the Delete link.

If you click the Add New button, you will get a blank slate to add a title, content and select a category. You can also add a Featured Image and set the Publish Date. Adding new articles is much the same as editing. Always remember to click the Publish/Update button when you are done adding or editing content.

Adding and editing Pages

If you click Pages from the left menu you will see a list of pages on the site. Like Posts above, if you hover your mouse over one of the listings you will see a text menu where you can manage a page. There is also an Add New button at the top. Editing a Page is like editing a Post, except there is no category.