Take a look at what ShermanVision has done for other businesses just like yours. These are just a few examples of sites we’ve built for designers, artists, service companies and large corporations.

Case Study


Chris Whytal – Graphic Designer

Chris Whytal and ShermanVision have a symbiotic relationship: he designs and we implement. A friend and fellow Web designer, we partner with Chris for technical consulting, developing jQuery animation, interactivity, site templates and CMS implementation – on dozens of projects. Chris is always a pleasure to work with.

I’m thrilled to be working with Paul. He is tremendously skilled at what he does and always delivers!

Chris Whytal

Involvement: HTML, CSS, JavaScript development; Drupal CMS implementation

Auspices: ShermanVision

Chris Whytal

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Working with you Paul was an unknown world for me. I had no idea what developing a website was all about. But, you were able to listen to my heart and design a site that was more than my words could convey. The site is more moving, powerful and meaningful than I could have pictured. You took my words and photos and created an image that is more glorious for our Lord, than I could have expected.

Claudia Koenig, Client, SoulSaviour.org, July 2018

This looks so beautiful I could cry. I LOVE all the liberties you took… little dynamic things that brought the design to a new level.

Emily Christenson, Client, Paint Box Creative, August 2017

I’ve been smiling all week, ear to ear, every time I look at my new website! I’m so proud to send people to it. Thank you again for helping me to do in just a couple weeks what I have been stressing over doing myself for the last 2 years. :)

Shelly Rose, Client, Pure Roots Nutrition, August 2016

Paul is a skilled designer and web developer who painstakingly crafts all he produces. He applies phenomenal skill, agility, and diligence to create nearly perfect products within very short timeframes. Paul’s strict attention to detail and ever-growing editorial judgment contribute greatly to our products’ quality and our team’s overall success.

Linda Kozaryn, Supervisor, U.S. Department of Defense, January 2011

Paul is remarkably talented and adept at maintaining an eye for detail and business needs while being on the cutting edge. His innovation, attention to detail and productivity are all top notch.

Aiden Barr, Supervisor, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, November 2007

Paul’s creative graphic design and his web development expertise made the Visual Mining web site overhaul both a visual delight and a technical piece of cake. He responded quickly and professionally to input for changes, and made excellent recommendations for navigation and usability. Paul is a gifted designer – I recommend him without reservation.

Lezlie Ramsey, Client, Visual Mining, March 2006

It’s been so great working with you… I don’t know what we would have done without you during the redesign…and of course, ever since!

Julie Lele, Supervisor, Nextel, August 2003

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