Services & Pricing

Our goal at ShermanVision is to provide customized web solutions, and above all, personal service. We provide a wide range of web services centered around your small business marketing and online needs. Our core services include:

Core Services

Whether you’re a business owner, design agency, application developer, or just want to make your site look better, ShermanVision offers four dimensions of web development that will make your site stand out above the rest.

Custom Website Design

Don’t know where to begin? Tired of messing with those online site builders? ShermanVision has literally designed and built hundreds of custom websites for clients ranging from fine artists to federal defense agencies. We have several different levels of service to suit both the modest and comprehensive budget. We can also help design your brand so you can hit the ground running with your startup business and new website.

Wordpress Customization

Are you an agency with your own designers? Are you a designer yourself? Along with our technical experience, ShermanVision has a fine art degree, so you can be certain the integrity of your design will be translated to the Web. While WordPress is the most popular CMS, we have also worked extensively with Drupal and NetForum – we’ve even designed and built our own CMSs from scratch, some of which are still in use after 18+ years.

E-commerce Setup

ShermanVision developed our first e-commerce solution in 2003. Since then we’ve developed numerous systems for membership subscription, event registration, and downloadable and physical products. Using industry-standard tools, you’ll be able to manage your secure membership access, events, shipping, tax collection and secure credit card transactions.

Animation & Interactivity

Animated billboards and other cool features will help give your site a strong visual impact. We specialize in providing motion graphics and user-engaging features. We have designed and developed many unique, dynamic components such as interactive maps, timelines and slideshows.

Wordpress Customization

Package Pricing

Prices subject to change.
* Using your content and embedded images. Other restrictions apply.
† Using your product descriptions and images. Other restrictions apply.

Package Features

Website Strategy Consultation

At the beginning of your project we’ll discuss the strategy and goals for your site. Then, I’ll spend time analyzing your business, studying your brand, and come up with a vision for the look and feel of your website. I’ll look at your competition. I’ll select a series of images, colors and fonts that make your site look like a winner!

Trusted WordPress Framework

WordPress is the industry leader in content management. It’s the most popular CMS available with nearly 60% of the marketshare. It’s free, and well supported with more than 50,000 plugins and extensions. It’s also extremely flexible in that it can be used for any number of business purposes (

State-of-the-Art WP Theme

You’ll need a theme to make your site look great. We use the latest cutting edge Wordpress theme technology which are capable of accommodating nearly any design – on the desktop as well as mobile. These themes come with dozens of pre-desinged layouts for you to choose

Customized WordPress Theme

If you choose one of our Pro plans, we’ll customize your theme and provide hompage and subpage examples before we build the site. That way, you can be sure you’re getting the look you prefer (one design provided with two rounds of revisions, others for an extra fee).

Animated Billboards

With every website we’ll include at least one animated billboard on the homepage. Your marketing slogan and a call-to-action button, over an attractive background image, will animate smoothly into view to capture your audience’s attention.

Hi-quality Royalty-free Images

We’ll find and add at least five quality images related to your marketing scheme – a $10 value per image (plus time searching). We’ll use these images at the top of each main page to give your site a handsome, attractive appearance.


We’ll install specialized plugins to make your site secure – with the lock icon in the address bar (where available). We’ll also install Google ReCaptcha to provide security on your Contact form, and set a login limit to help prevent hacking attempts.

Google Search & SEO

Your site will be inherently built with best-practice standards for for search engine optimization. We’ll take an extra step and make sure your top-level pages have descriptions and keywords to get your site found. Then we’ll connect it directly Google Search Console.

Training & Orientation

We will provide a minimum of one hour live, screen-cast orientation and training (in-person also available if you’re in the Richmond, VA area), so you will know how to edit content and manage products. Additional time available at an hourly rate.

Logo Design

If you choose one of our Pro packages, we’ll design your logo too. We’ll show you a range of potential logo icons and customize the one you like best as your very own. But not just for your website – we’ll provide it for you in different formats so you can use it for business cards, letterhead and any number of marketing needs.

E-commerce Features

Shopping Cart Setup

We’ll install and configure the most popular and best integrated shopping cart for WordPress available, Woocommerce. We’ll set up the tax and shipping calculations and connect it to you payment processing system. We can also help you with the many decisions you’ll need to make for online transactions.

Product Setup

To get you started, we’ll set up a minimum of five products for you, using your product descriptions and photos. We’ll configure your online store for physical items or downloadable documents – whatever your needs.

Memberships / Subscriptions

If you have premium ($) content, we can set up your site so users can purchase memberships or subscriptions and have exclusive access to pages or types of media from your site. Subscribers can be billed automatically and/or receive an email notification when their subscription is up for renewal.

Events / Scheduling

We can configure your store for scheduling or events. Your visitors will have access to calendar, lists and detail views. They can see images, maps, and speakers, and receive email notifications. They can purchase tickets and register for your events. The are dozens of options.

Product Variations and More

Product variations allow you to sell multiple versions of your product, such as small, medium, and large, or different color options. You can also offer coupons and discounts in your store. The options are numerous.

Other Included Features

Several other features are included in your site:

Responsive Design

Yes, your site will look and work great on a mobile device. You will likely first look at your new site on a wide-screen, desktop monitor, but we don’t stop there. We take extra time to make sure your site collapses well into a vertical format for mobile as well.

Page Builder

One of the most important aspects of your site will be whether you can edit it yourself after it’s complete. You may want to simply re-word a paragraph, or update a bio. Your new site comes with an on-screen editor where you can make simple changes or redesign the site if you want to. Just open the editing function, insert your cursor and type away. We offer at lease one hour of orientation in every site package to get you started.

Social Sharing

Sharing your content on social media is easy with your new site. At the bottom of every blog are buttons where users can share your stories with the world.

More Options

Take a look at these other options available for your site:

Site Acceleration

One of the most common complaints people have is about the speed of their website – how long it takes to load. Most of this has to do with the service-level of your hosting plan. The most economical solution is to subscribe to a content delivery network (CDN). This is a service that hosts your images on an external, high-speed server, delivering these assets much faster than a shared hosting platform.


The core features of your new website are inherently WCAG 2.0 compliant. However, special attention must be placed if you have particular accessibility requirements, like high contrast for the vision-impaired. Other considerations include hearing loss and cognitive limitations.

Analytics & Reporting

Monitor your site’s reach and engagement with analytics and reporting. We can install Google Analytics for a start, but any number of reporting options are available.